Celebrating Our 2021 Power 1200 Technicians

posted 21 December, 2021 by Jackson Balling

Here at Spiffy, we take pride in providing five-star quality car care for every customer. While all of our technicians have 100 hours of specialized training, a rare few rise above the rest. 

That’s why we created Power Scores, which is calculated in part by the ratio of five-star reviews compared to total services completed. Technicians who achieve a Power Score of 100 or more for an entire month are celebrated in each city. The best of the best who maintain a Power Score of 100 or more for a whole year become members of our Power 1200 club, earning a place on the Spiffy Wall of Fame and a nice bonus check!


Two years after we had our second ever Power 1200 technician, we’re thrilled to induct eight new technicians into our Wall of Fame for 2021.

What is a Power 1200 Technician?

While we’ve had a larger group of Power 1200 technicians this year than ever, the road to joining the prestigious club is likely more difficult than you’d think. 

We have plenty of talented technicians who’ve missed out on a Power Score of 100+ due to one bad review. Take into consideration that a single technician can complete hundreds of services each year. With that in mind, you can understand how crucial it is to double-check every nook and cranny in hopes of ensuring a five-star rating for each appointment.

In addition to the Wall of Fame honors, each Power 1200 technician is awarded a $500 bonus for their dedication to quality services for the customers they’ve served.

Without further ado, say hello to our 2021 Power 1200 technicians!

2021 Power 1200 Inductees

Power 1200 Technician Jametrius

Jametrius “Jay” Bryant — Charlotte
Joined Spiffy in January 2020
133 rated services
129 5-star services
Average rating of 4.97%

Power 1200 Technician Walter

Walter Covington III — Raleigh-Durham
Joined Spiffy in August 2019
512 rated services
490 5-star services
Average rating of 4.93%


Jose Figueroa — Dallas-Fort Worth
Joined Spiffy in July 2019
233 rated services
216 5-star services
Average rating of 4.88%


Leo Nixon — Tampa
Joined Spiffy in November 2018
171 rated services
154 5-star services
Average rating of 4.84%


Grant Parks — Dallas-Fort Worth
Joined Spiffy in July 2019
368 rated services
346 5-star services
Average rating of 4.92%


Damon Revell — Raleigh-Durham
Joined Spiffy in October 2015
1,452 rated services
1,164 5-star services
Average rating of 4.68%


Whatson Saintillen — Fort Lauderdale
Joined Spiffy in January 2020
220 rated services
202 5-star services
Average rating of 4.89%


Timothy Sanders — Raleigh-Durham
Joined Spiffy in April 2018
1,114 rated services
1,030 5-star services
Average rating of 4.88%

Think you have what it takes to be a Power 1200 technician? Our team is constantly growing, in long-time and new markets alike. Check out our Careers page and see if there’s a position that fits you best in your city!

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