4 Tips for Preserving Tire Life

posted 22 November, 2017 by Julie Briggs
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Everyone knows that tires are expensive, yet it's surprising how many drivers neglect to care for and conserve this important part of their vehicle. Considering that this is the part of your car that touches the road, the value of maintaining your tires alongside other parts of your car cannot be overstated for safe driving.
Here are four tips from Spiffy to get extra miles out of your tread life!
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Maintain Proper Pressure

Correct tire pressure is essential for maintaining the life of tires and keeping you safe on the road. Check this at least once a month, when tires are cool and before a long drive. Tires are most likely to be under inflated than over inflated, which can negatively impact handling. Some cars will have the correct tire pressure on the driver side doorjamb, but it if not, refer to your vehicle's owner’s manual.

Correct Your Alignment

You’ll also want to refer to your owner’s manual to see how often you should check your alignment. In any case, make sure to check it after going over a severe pothole and when installing new tires. Improper alignment can cause uneven wear on tires and lead to nasty blowouts and shortened usability.

Use The Quarter Test

Don’t have a tread depth gauge handy? No problem. A quarter can tell you a lot about the state of your tires’ tread. Insert the coin upside down into several grooves along your tires. If the tread doesn’t touch Washington’s head, then it’s time for new tires.

Don’t Use Winter Tires When It’s Not Winter

This should be obvious, but more people than would like to admit it have been guilty of treating their winter tires as year-round tires. Winter tires are more flexible and have deeper slits which make them perfect for handling icy and slick conditions. However, once the snow melts, asphalt and gravel wear them down quickly, making them downright dangerous to drive on.
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