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5 Reasons Why It's Worth Buying a Beater Car

posted 01 October, 2019 by Addison Lessing
These days cars are getting safer, more advanced, more economical, and more reliable, leading many people to dream about driving a shiny, brand new car off the showroom floor. But not me.
I dream of finding a car as old as I am. Its A/C system, if I’m lucky enough to have it, would have you believe that turning the dial to “MAX” is only a suggestion. At the time it was built, Bluetooth would’ve been considered a medical condition, and airbags were still a “luxury.” It would have racked up enough mileage to have driven to the Moon and has seen many things along the way.

My dream is finding the perfect beater car, and here are five reasons why it should be your dream too!
Pictured: 1994 Saturn SL2, total price: $800

1. Beaters are cheap!

The right beater car should be priced under $2000, an investment less than most down payments on a new car. In this price range, you can find anything from dent-proof Saturns to bullet-proof Corollas. Not only is the price low, but they’re cheap to maintain. Because of their age, you rarely have to visit a dealership for maintenance. Most parts are purchased from scrap yards, auto-parts stores, or online and are typically easy to install yourself. With a lower overall value, availability of parts, and ease of maintenance, you won’t be breaking the bank on insurance premiums or property taxes, either!

2. Sticks and stones may ding your car, but you won’t mind at all.

With cars of this age and mileage, they’ve likely accumulated some “imperfections” in the paint and body panels. These imperfections will leave you worry-free if a rogue shopping cart bumps into it at the supermarket. This carefree attitude makes beaters the perfect cars for newly-licensed drivers, too! Most parents would rather have their teens make mistakes in a vehicle that’s already seen its fair share, than the shiny, new SUV in the garage.

3. You can rack up those miles!

Because cars are usually a significant investment, many drivers do their best to keep their mileage down to retain the car’s value. With a beater, you’ll never have to worry! Typically, the vehicle has already reached its maximum depreciation, so keeping an eye on the mileage is unnecessary, provided the odometer even works at all. Not only can you use it to keep mileage off of your nicer car(s), you won’t have to stress about taking the scenic route every now and then. As long as it’s running fine, mileage is at the back of your mind.

4. Experience blissful simplicity

Older cars are traditionally more straightforward, and beaters are no exception. In fact, you should make every effort to find the most simple example when shopping for one. The more simple a car is, the fewer things there are to fix or maintain. With beaters, show your kids where the term “roll down the window” came from with manual windows and door locks, or take advantage of the “millennial anti-theft device,” also known as a manual transmission.

5. They’re utilitarian!

Every car owner has encountered an attempt to haul something too big to fit, or could risk damaging the interior of your car. With beaters, that’s no problem. Need to haul a Christmas tree but don’t want to dirty up your daily driver? Take the beater! Getting it a little dirty or marking up the upholstery is of no concern in these cars. It’s incredible what you can fit into a car when you simply don’t care about it!
Pictured: 1993 Ford Explorer, total price: $1200
In short, beaters are cheap, simple, easy to run cars that can last you years at a time. That being said, many beaters have one common problem: yellow, oxidized headlights that make it almost impossible to see at night, even when using the high beams.
If that’s an issue with your car, beater or not, Spiffy has your back. Take $20 off your first service and see what we can do for you today!
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Written by Addison Lessing

The car guru. Changes cars more often than clothes. Favorite part about Spiffy: It's a tossup between the number of dogs here on a given day and our CEO trying to speak "millennial."