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5 Reasons Why You Need a Vehicle Service Contract

posted 13 October, 2020 by Uproar.car
Education, Car Care
Imagine never having to worry about an unexpected, expensive vehicle repair bill. Sounds great, right? Vehicle Repair Protection from Uproar can help you do just that.
Vehicle Repair Protection is similar by nature to extended warranties. They help cover the cost of car repairs that aren’t covered by insurance, getting you back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Not sure if Vehicle Repair Protection is right for you? Here are the five main reasons it may be precisely what you need:
You don’t like big, bad, expensive surprises.
The average car repair cost is $600, but many standard services like a new transmission cost upwards of $3,000! If those numbers bring you a jolt of panic, you’re not alone. Vehicle Repair Protection may be just the right method to prevent those alarming bills. For the budget-conscious, a VPR subscription will relieve the financial burden of most car repairs and leave you worry-free.
You own your car and plan to keep it for the long haul.
As your car ages, repairs become more frequent and more expensive. If you plan to keep your car past the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll inevitably have to cover the cost of major repairs in the near future. Vehicle Repair Protection keeps your car ownership costs down by protecting you from these expensive repairs that insurance doesn’t cover.
Your car has high-mileage.
If your vehicle’s mileage is already up there, you’ve likely been making more visits to the repair shop and are pulling your hair as the bills add up. Just take a look at your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule, and it’s easy to see what’s in store as the miles climb. Vehicle Repair Protection covers you for most of those repairs, so they don’t break the bank when you’re not expecting it.
You’re driving a high-tech vehicle.
Most new cars are chock full of high-tech components like navigation and entertainment systems, and parking sensors. These are wonderfully convenient when you’re driving, but expensive when they break. The good news is that many Vehicle Repair Protection subscriptions offer special coverage for technology components, so you won’t have to worry about the cost to repair them when they eventually break.
You want the peace of mind that you can always keep your car in great shape.
The budget-conscious among us are all guilty of delaying a car repair because it was too expensive to take care of at the moment. With a Vehicle Repair Protection subscription, you can say goodbye to these “pray and drive away” scenarios.
Learn more about Uproar.car
Uproar.car is the first online subscription for Vehicle Repair Protection. With Uproar.car’s low monthly subscription, you’re covered for repairs from a $100 water pump to the $3,000 new transmission. You choose the repair shop, and we pay the bill up-front. Now that’s worry-free car care.

See for yourself what Uproar.car can do for you at uproar.car/spiffy!

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Written by Uproar.car

Uproar is a monthly subscription that pays your repair bills when your car breaks down or needs service. Their app offers a-la-carte coverage options, such as Vehicle Repair Protection, which can help save you thousands of dollars in unexpected costs.
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