Introducing Easy Tread — Precision Tire Diagnostics Device

posted 26 October, 2023 by Grayson Leverenz
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Today, we are thrilled to announce our newest automotive device designed to transform tire maintenance with real-time visual diagnostics — Easy Tread™.

Over the last couple of years, our partners have experienced a gap in driver trust in their service recommendations, especially when it comes to tires. Car owners want maintenance to be transparent and are three times more likely to have recommended services done if mechanics share photos and videos of service recommendations. Easy Tread helps mechanics offer significant clarity on tire wear and tear, building stronger trust with every service.

"Integrating visual elements into service recommendations is no longer optional; it's table stakes for the consumer experience," said Scot Wingo, Spiffy CEO. "With Easy Tread, we're not just telling customers what’s going on with their tires; we're showing them. This level of transparency is revolutionizing the customer experience, fostering a higher level of trust and satisfaction."

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How Easy Tread Works

Rather than measuring tire tread depth and wear in a few points on a tire as is common with traditional measurement techniques, Easy Tread captures over 500,000 data points, creating a ‘mesh’ of data over a 4”x10” rectangular area. These images, accurate to approximately 0.25 millimeter with resolution to 0.01mm, are compiled by vehicle and can be delivered digitally to the customer. The end result is a comprehensive visual report that they can trust and easily understand.

The benefit for mechanic shops is quick (under 30 seconds quick!), visually detailed inspections that significantly enhance customer satisfaction, especially in tire services. Even if a diagnostic report indicates no immediate need for new tires, the visual evidence provided helps customers anticipate future needs — guaranteeing safe driving and trust from customers. Repair shops can use this data to schedule timely reminders and keep drivers up-to-date on the health of their tires.

Extending our vision for car care and maintenance

Our goals for Easy Tread have been affirmed by evolving customer expectations for more visual communication in auto repairs. Mechanics and customers alike benefit from greater transparency in vehicle maintenance — Easy Tread is the next step.

Currently, Easy Tread is in an advanced stage of beta testing, being put to the test by our extensive network of 600+ technicians for invaluable feedback and performance data for final device optimizations. The nationwide rollout of Easy Tread is set for 2024, promising to make tire maintenance and overall auto care a more reliable, transparent, and trustworthy process for car owners everywhere.

The future of tire maintenance is coming soon, be a part of the launch.

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Posted in News, Business

Written by Grayson Leverenz

Grayson Leverenz is Spiffy’s Chief Marketing Officer. When she’s not spreading happiness and clean cars from coast to coast, she usually can be found playing video games with her family.