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Auto Detailing Tips for Car Shows

posted 09 March, 2015 by admin
Car Care

Have you ever wondered how car enthusiasts get their cars ready for an auto show? There's a lot of detail involved! This is why it's beneficial to use a professional mobile auto detailer to help ensure that not a single element is missed.

5 Auto Detailing Tips for Auto Shows

1. Have your car professionally cleaned and detailed.

According to AmericanMuscle.comjudges count cleanliness. The best way to ensure that your vehicle is up to judging standards it by having is professionally attended to by mobile auto detailers.

2. Use a quality wax after your vehicle is washed.

At Spiffy, we only use high quality, environmentally safe ingredients for a brilliant finish. Wax helps to add shine and it also prevents debris from settling onto the surface of your vehicle.

3. Pay attention to the tires.

Never underestimate the importance of clean tires. Things to be wary of include: scuffed, and/or dirty sidewalls. At Spiffy, our team knows how to easily clean all types of tires -whether you're prepping your '57 Chevy, or your 2014 Impala.

4. Make sure all glass surfaces are clean and streak free.

Dirty windows at an auto show are a big no-no. At Spiffy, we use special glass cleaning materials to ensure a streak-free finish.

5. Don't forget about the engine. 

Most judges at auto shows will be looking under the hood, so be sure to detail your engine. At Spiffy, we have special degreaser tools to help wash away excess residue, as well as other tricks and tools to safely make your engine shine.

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Upcoming Car Shows in North Carolina

The following is a list of upcoming car shows happening throughout North Carolina in the upcoming weeks and months. Whether you decide to enter your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle into one of these events - it still pays to show up looking your best! Be sure to download our mobile app, and set up your next mobile auto detailing appointment with us. We guarantee to have you arrive in style!

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