BOO! It's Artillery Fungus!

posted 24 October, 2019 by Tanvi Tapadia
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Hello everyone, my name is Tanvi. I work at an auto company but actually know nothing about cars or car maintenance. It’s embarrassing, I know. But I am who I am.
My trusty Toyota Corolla, Luna, lived my dream of becoming America’s Next Top Model last week when we used her for a photoshoot. I felt so fancy! I was livin’ large! “Yes, modeling does run in the family,” I would say. 
I mean look at her. She's strutting. She's smizing. She's shining. She's doing amazing, sweetie.
Tanvis Toyota
And then... my lavish life came to a screeching halt. 
Luna was getting a wash and wax when our videographer, Tim, came in and said… 
“Tanvi, your car has artillery fungus on it.” 
Fungus?! How could this be?! No, I haven’t washed my car in a long time. No, I don’t get my oil changed until months after my dad reminds me, and no, I don’t get my maintenance done on time. So no, I have not treated Luna the way she deserves to be treated. But fungus?

Everyone in the office turned their heads to look at me. I bowed my head in embarrassment. I usually love being the center of attention, but not like this! I was ashamed. I didn’t understand how this could happen to us. I didn’t know how I didn’t even see it! Surely, I would have noticed mushrooms growing on my car!

I cautiously went out to my car, afraid of what I would see.

But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It is important to note, however, that it really would have been that bad if the fungus remained on my car.

Turns out, artillery fungus grows on organic matter like mulch. Seeing as I park next to a lot of mulch, this adds up. Removing these teeny little menaces is a tricky job, and if done incorrectly, you could damage your car and its resale value. Luckily, the Spiffy techs were able to erase all the evidence of fungus from my car during the exterior detail part of my service.
If only they could erase the trauma that I experienced that day...
Removing this fungus-y grossness is an exclusive, off-the-menu treatment for VIPs like us. Call us at (844)438-7743 for a quote! 
If you don't have a fungus-y car and want to keep it that way, click below for $20 off your first service.
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Posted in Car Care, Services

Written by Tanvi Tapadia

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