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Celebrate National Dog Week with a Free Spiffy Doggie Bag Holder!

posted 23 September, 2019 by Jackson Balling
While we pride ourselves on being a convenient, professional, and eco-friendly mobile car wash company, there’s no denying how much we love dogs at Spiffy.

After the amazing video and incredible turnout we had for our National Dog Day donation to Independent Animal Rescue, it was clear that we needed to raise the bar for National Dog Week. The best way we thought to celebrate a whole week dedicated to the amazingness of dogs is by giving away our very own Spiffy Doggie Bag Holders!
NDW product shot
If you’re looking to score one of these sleek doggie bag holders for your dog’s favorite leash, then all you have to do is book a Spiffy service with our Pet Hair Removal upgrade! This service sets out to eliminate any accrued hair with a meticulous carpet vacuuming and brushing process. Choose between our medium and heavy options, based on how much pet hair is embedded throughout your car’s interior.
In case you’re on the fence, here’s a video that demonstrates the process for a typical Pet Hair Removal service (and features Spiffy’s Chief Dog Officer, Bagel), so you know what to expect:
Address the mess in your car with a Spiffy and pet hair removal this week, and we’ll leave your free doggie bag holder waiting inside!
free doggie bag holder

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Written by Jackson Balling

Jackson is our Content Marketing Manager, bringing over five years of professional experience in creative copywriting, audio production, and video editing to the Spiffy Marketing team.
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