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posted 01 March, 2023 by Grayson Leverenz
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Today we announced the new and improved Smart Tumbler™ odor elimination device with treatments as low as $3. It lasts longer, performs better, and offers the lowest price on the market.

The newly improved Smart Tumbler device removes vehicle odors. Now available to fleet managers, with treatments as low as $3.

We created the Smart Tumbler last year when our clients came to us with the problem of declining customer satisfaction scores due to lingering odors in vehicles, and this new iteration integrates the feedback we received over thousands of treatments.
“Everything we do at Spiffy starts with the customer,” said Spiffy CEO, Scot Wingo. “When our fleet clients needed a safe, reliable odor elimination solution that they could implement themselves, we jumped in and developed the Smart Tumbler. As we received customer feedback, we evolved the product. I’m excited to introduce the new and improved Smart Tumbler with the most affordable price point on the market.”
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The new device lasts up to 3x longer with proper use and care. The solution offers both Light and Heavy-Duty treatment levels, and delivers the most affordable odor elimination on the market with treatments as low as $3 for monthly subscriptions.
If you are a fleet manager looking to drive customer satisfaction in the most affordable way, check out smarttumbler.com today!

Drive customers satisfaction in the most affordable way with Smart Tumbler

Posted in News, Business

Written by Grayson Leverenz

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