Finding the Best Odor Removal Option for Your Fleet

posted 14 April, 2022 by Jackson Balling

No one likes driving in a car that smells bad, especially rental cars. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bacteria, mold, tobacco or cannabis smoke, or mildew odors. In a convenience-driven world, any foul-smelling vehicle is enough to warrant complaints from customers.

Unpleasant interactions from gross smells aren’t the only thing that makes fleet odor removal services crucial, but rather how they can push your customers away entirely.

If your fleet has been struggling with odors in its vehicles, you’ve come to the right place to eliminate them for good.

How Odors Negatively Impact Customer Satisfaction for Fleets

When you break down the average customer experience since March 2020, it’s painfully apparent that the cards are stacked against fleet managers trying to deliver a 5-star service. 

Between vehicle and labor shortages, it’s more likely that customers will wait a long time and pay more for a car that isn’t a guaranteed model or body type. They may need to take a shuttle to reach the vehicle, which adds more time to the entire process.

If their reward for navigating the rental process is a car with foul odors, then that’s the final straw that cements a negative experience. And it happens more than you’d think. 

An analysis by ConsumerAffairs found that “an increasing number of consumers’ reviews of all the leading rental agencies included complaints about vehicles that were dirty and had bad odors. That could be attributed to both the car shortage and a lack of staff, with companies pressured to quickly return vehicles to service.”

And yet, as J.D. Power’s 2021 North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study points out, even if customers are aware of these logistical or supply issues on the fleet side, it doesn’t mean that their negative experiences will feel justified by them.

Which Fleet Odor Removal Services Can You Trust?

If your customers are fed up with issues like vehicle odors, what’s the best way to combat a drop in customer satisfaction? Throwing in a free air freshener isn’t going to eliminate unpleasant smells from food, pets, smoke, or vomit. Each car requires its own solution, which has led fleet managers to consider odor removal services for their inventory of vehicles.

The best odor removal solutions vary depending on your fleet. Your schedule may not accommodate a service vendor that requires vehicles to be delivered to their location. Mobile solutions that come to you are incredibly convenient, but your budget may not allow it.

It's hard to balance your fleet's utilization rate and labor efficiency while providing cleaner cars for your customers. You need to find a product that works for your fleet, not against it.

smart tumbler, odor removal

Say Hello to Smart Tumbler

For the uninitiated, Smart TumblerTM is an automated odor removal device, meaning you can set it up and let it function without concern. It safely and reliably removes odors from organic materials like food, smoke molecules, bacteria, and more - leaving each car thoroughly odor-free in only 15 minutes.

The process works by delivering a water-activated chlorine dioxide (CIO2) gas to a vehicle's interior, which disperses throughout the cabin and ventilation system. The final result is a quality odor removal that makes your fleet vehicles feel clean for every driver.

Each Smart Tumbler device is manufactured in-house at Spiffy to be safe, effective, easy to use, durable, and consistent. The cherry on top is the rechargeable battery, which allows fleet managers to charge each device overnight before using it multiple times throughout the day.

For more information about Smart Tumbler, or if you're interested in placing an order, visit

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