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Spiffy + Ford in the News

posted 06 May, 2019 by Jackson Balling
News, Vehicle 2.0
Last week, we were excited to announce our partnership with Ford as a part of their connected car initiative for “convenient and secure services”. We’ve seen a huge response and we’re grateful for the opportunity to expand our company goal of convenient, zero-friction car care with Ford and Lincoln owners.
We’ve compiled links to various articles, which were published after the initial announcement last Tuesday, for your reading pleasure below!
“The latest service available through Fordpass and Lincoln Way is access for mobile car washing and detailing… For customers that just want an exterior scrub down, the crew will arrive and take care of everything. Drivers that want interior detailing as well will get a notification like the one provided by Amazon so they can use the Fordpass app to unlock the car. Mobile wash services Spiffy…will be joining the program later this year.”
“Ford Motor Company has announced a new connected car initiative – and there’s a big local connection in Research Triangle Park-based Spiffy.
Spiffy, which offers on-demand automobile services such as car washes and detailing services, is integrating its app with Ford’s connected car offering, FordPass.
In an interview, Spiffy cofounder Scot Wingo calls it a game changer as the firm works to support all the big automakers.
“There’s a lot of Fords out there,” he says. “It’s one of the top models that we clean.”
And the integration announcement “reduces a friction step for our customers.” “Getting the keys back and forth is kind of a pain point,” he says.”
“‘We’re excited to be working with Ford to serve the next generation of vehicles, which we refer to as Vehicle 2.0. This partnership gets us one step closer towards fully utilizing connected car capabilities,’ Spiffy chief executive officer Scot Wingo said in a news release.
Spiffy is an on-demand car care, tech and services company based in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina.
Through the Spiffy-Ford partnership, owners and lessees of 2017 model-year or newer Ford/Lincoln vehicles will be able to utilize FordPass Connect and Lincoln to unlock/lock their respective vehicles, meaning they don’t have to hand off and pickup keys from the Spiffy staff.
Spiffy’s services are available in these metro areas: Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas; Los Angeles; and Raleigh, N.C.
‘Our customers are really busy. They often choose Spiffy for the convenience factor and stay for the excellent service. The connected car initiative removes the ‘key exchange’ process, and that's an important step towards our goal of zero-friction car care services,’ Wingo said.
That intersection is among the areas explored in Wingo’s Vehicle 2.0 podcast, which includes four pillars ‘for the digital future of the automotive industry.’ Those are connectivity, electrification, autonomy and ownership.”
“Ford is also allowing customers to schedule car washes through FordPass. All three companies let users pick a time and place for a wash, detailing or interior cleaning, and a van with a technician will show up to perform the service… Spiffy offers services in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas and Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, N.C., as well as to fleet customers in Denver, New York, Seattle and Washington.”
“Ford is lining up additional services for FordPass and Lincoln Way. The next wave of service includes three on-demand car washing companies. Spiffy mobile car wash and detailing will launch its on-demand service soon in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina.”
“This is just the beginning for Ford's connected-car offerings. Both Ford and Lincoln are also working to bring mobile car wash services to owners. It's working with Spiffy, Rub A Dub and Sparkl to offer on-the-spot car washes wherever the services are available. This, too, can grant one-time access to the vehicle so that the detailers can work their magic inside and out.”
“FordPass is a big part of the company’s connected car plans. Ford also announced Tuesday that other businesses are able to integrate their apps with Ford and Lincoln connected vehicles to offer additional new services.
One of the first will be car washing services. FordPass and Lincoln Way customers can now buy car washes from Spiffy, Rub A Dub and Sparkl wherever these services are available.”
“Ford is also using the Amazon news to tout its other connected car services. The automaker recently began working with on-demand car wash services like Spiffy, Rub a Dub, and Sparkl.
Letting third parties track the location of your car will seem intrusive or unnecessary to some customers. Others may be concerned about privacy or theft risks. Kennedy said the onus is on the owner of the vehicle to determine how much access they want to give to these companies.”
“In a somewhat related announcement, Ford said that it’ll soon make available through FordPass and LincolnWay on-demand carwash and detailing services from Spiffy, Rub A Dub, and Sparkl. (Like Amazon delivery people, car washers can unlock and lock vehicle doors to clean the interior.) Sparkl launched on-demand car washing in the Chicago metro area earlier this year, with Spiffy and Rub A Dub to follow in the coming months.”
“‘For example, in addition to Key by Amazon, we’re also working with several different on-demand car wash services through FordPass and Lincoln Way, to give people the option to purchase eco-friendly car washes from Spiffy, Rub A Dub, and Sparkl wherever these services are available,’ she writes. Spiffy is finalizing the launch of on-demand car washing for Ford and Lincoln vehicles in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.”
“Key In-Car delivery is among a wave of FordPass Connect services the car giant is trialling. They include Spiffy, which allows car washers to gain access to a vehicle to clean it inside and out.”

The major highlight from most of these articles, specifically from Forbes and Triangle Business Journal, is what this connected car initiative can do for Spiffy customers. While we already have Key Exchange Systems in place at our Spiffy Partner locations, this partnership with Ford will allow for more seamless appointments by eliminating our technician’s need for a vehicle’s keys to conduct an interior detail.
Joe Overby from Auto Remarketing also mentioned the Vehicle 2.0 Podcast, where we often discuss developments in the connected car space with our guests. As exciting as this announcement is, we understand that it is the first of many as automakers continue to develop their automotive software and technologies to provide more for their drivers. It’s a privilege to get in on the ground floor with this opportunity, and we look forward to more integration like this in the future!
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Written by Jackson Balling

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