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Go Green with Spiffy Fleet Care

posted 06 August, 2018 by Jessica Tolzman

More and more companies are going green, such as Mack Trucks, Conexpo-Con recently released an article depicting the switch. Mack Trucks is planning on releasing a fully electric refuse vehicle by 2019 which will include a Mack electric drive train. Switching to an electric vehicle comes with many benefits as the article explains, “...benefits of fully electric vehicles include zero emissions, reduced noise and environmental sustainability, and the ability to operate quietly in urban areas”.

Read the full article here!

Spiffy Fleet Care Services

With Spiffy’s fleet care services being green is important to how we run our business. This is why we wash with eco-friendly chemicals and reclaim 100% of water used during our washing and detailing services.

Need some help dealing with the day-to-day for your fleet? Spiffy fleet takes care of the little things so you can focus on other things that matter -- for your drivers and your customers. No more sidelining trucks for maintenance, we work with your schedule to clean, detail, and maintain every car in your fleet.

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Written by Jessica Tolzman

Lover of Jeeps and pugs. World class Spiffy intern.