How to Protect Your Car From Salt Damage

posted 16 January, 2017 by Jill Jardine
Car Care

I’m sure you’ve noticed after you drive on salted roads, your car looks terrible. There’s a thin layer of white-gray salt coating your vehicle accompanied by the road grime that splashed up on your paint. Most people wash their vehicle simply because it looks bad. But there is another more important reason to thoroughly wash your vehicle. The salt from the roads can actually cause some serious damage.

Salty car

The biggest threat salt poses to your vehicle is rust. Salt is corrosive in nature, and the longer you leave it on your vehicle, the more likely you are to see damage. But this damage wont always be easily visible. Many vehicle’s salt damage is out of sight, on the vehicles undercarriage.

Salt from the roadways is very easily splashed up into the undercarriage of a vehicle, and is also easily ignored. The under carriage is often completely exposed, allowing for salt to sit on the important under components like the exhaust, muffler systems, frame of the car, and even the hydraulic brake system. The best thing you can do to protect your car from the salt is to wash it as soon as possible!

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Don't be Salty Undercarriage  

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