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Huffington Post Talks On-Demand Economy with Spiffy CEO Scot Wingo

posted 18 April, 2017 by Grayson Leverenz

Huffington Post recently interviewed Spiffy CEO, Scot Wingo, for the article “How the On-Demand Economy is Quietly Demolishing a DIY Culture.
The article covers Scot’s background as a serial entrepreneur and his thoughts on the evolution of the on-demand economy.
Scot “believe(s) many on-demand companies are putting the customer experience (CX) second or third behind fundraising, rapid expansion and the optics of financial statements,” and as a result many are failing. He says, “No matter how good your unit economics are, I strongly believe an on-demand business won’t survive without a CX that is orders of magnitude better than traditional alternatives.”
Huffington Post’s Nick Hastreiter and Scot go on to discuss the impact of the 08/09 recession on consumer behavior, specifically a “bifurcation” into value-oriented and convenience-oriented consumers. The convenience-oriented consumers are where it gets interesting for on-demand companies.
Scot says, “That convenience-oriented segment favors ‘Do it for Me’ vs. ‘Do it Yourself’ and while it is almost a 50/50 split, the convenience-oriented segment spends more than the value-oriented, so it ends up being 60-70% of the market.” Hence, the “quiet demolishing” of the DIY culture that was so huge in the early 2000’s.
Spiffy Mobile Detailing Do-It-For-Me
The interview wraps up with Scot’s thoughts on the future of the on-demand economy when he draws a parallel to e-commerce and his prediction that “‘services go digital’ could be four times as large an opportunity as e-commerce.” That’s exciting stuff. Click here for the full article.
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Written by Grayson Leverenz

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