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Is Spiffy the Uber of Car Washing? PYMNTS.com Finds Out.

posted 13 April, 2017 by Grayson Leverenz
Spiffy Acura Hand Polish Wax
PYMNTS.com gets it. They understand most people don't want to take time out of their days to wash their cars. What they didn't know was what people were doing instead. That's how they found Spiffy Mobile Car Wash and Detailing and sat down with our CEO, Scot Wingo, to learn more.  
In the recent article Uber of X: Spiffy is The Uber of Car Washing, Scot shares how Spiffy was born from a revelation that services can "go digital" just like goods did with eCommerce. This actually hit him during his first Uber ride in 2011.
Scot goes on to explain there are similarities between customer experiences with Uber and Spiffy. For example, customers can order through our app and Spiffy completes their mobile detail service at their home or work. He also highlights how Spiffy is different from the Uber-style 1099 model.
We utilize a "full stack" solution, which means we own all of our mobile detailing vans and equipment and we employee our Technicians. That gives us the ability to background check, train, and maintain consistently high levels of quality, something very important to our customers. It also allows us to have more fun along the way.

Spiffy Technicians Having Fun

Click here to read the full article on PYMNTS.com.   

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Written by Grayson Leverenz

Grayson Leverenz is the Spiffy VP of Marketing. When she's not spreading happiness and clean cars from coast to coast, she usually can be found playing garbage trucks with her son.