Revamping Dealership Services: The Imperative Shift to Mobile Offerings in 2024

posted 25 January, 2024 by Ethan Peikes
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The automotive industry finds itself in the midst of a transformational phase, as highlighted by a recent Cox Automotive study, revealing critical insights that demand immediate attention from fixed operations professionals. The report portrays a significant shift in customer preferences and the challenges that vehicle owners are facing, serving as a warning signal for dealerships to rethink their service strategies in 2024 or face increased leakage from their service department.

A notable revelation from the study is the declining market share of dealership service lanes, dropping from 35% in 2021 to 30% in 2023. Simultaneously, general repair shops have surged ahead, becoming the preferred service provider for 33% of customers—an unprecedented milestone. This is the first time that dealerships were not consumers’ leading service provider of choice.

Further exemplifying changing consumer preferences, a staggering 48% of vehicle owners expressed dissatisfaction with their most recent dealership service experience. Their concerns predominantly revolve around convenience and transparency issues, such as extended wait times, upselling pressures, difficulties in scheduling appointments, and unexpected service cost variations. Because US consumers are split roughly even between those who emphasize convenience vs. value, this statistic suggests that nearly all convenience-oriented consumers may be dissatisfied with the current dealership service experience.

Driving Success: How a Mobile-Focused Strategy Can Transform Dealership Service Departments

Given these evolving consumer preferences, it is evident that embracing a mobile-focused strategy within fixed operations is pivotal to reversing the trend of declining market share. Spiffy has a decade of experience in this realm, so we know a digital-first approach supported by mobile service offerings is one of the keys to courting convenience-oriented consumers and, by extension, revitalizing dealership service departments.

To implement these changes, Spiffy Dealer Solutions presents a comprehensive suite encompassing software, hardware, and training services, designed specifically to facilitate the seamless integration of mobile service offerings within dealership operations. This approach merges cutting-edge technology with expert guidance, enabling dealerships to extend their service capacity beyond the confines of traditional service bays.

Spiffy Dealer Solutions: Transforming Dealership Service with On-Demand, Mobile-First Experiences

By partnering with Spiffy, dealerships can revolutionize service experiences and deliver a more convenient and transparent customer experience. This innovative solution aligns perfectly with the evolving consumer landscape, meeting the rising appetite for on-demand services and catering to the needs of the convenience-oriented consumer.

The key to elevating the dealership service experience in 2024 lies in embracing mobile service solutions. Spiffy Dealer Solutions stands ready to empower dealerships to reach new heights of excellence in service delivery.

To explore how Spiffy's tailored solutions can fortify your fixed operations journey, reach out to us today or visit our website to learn more about the transformative possibilities awaiting your dealership.

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Posted in News, Business

Written by Ethan Peikes

Ethan is Spiffy's Strategy Associate. He loves clean cars, bad sports teams, and hanging out with his three-legged dog, Luci.