Scot Wingo Introduces Vehicle 2.0 Model

posted 18 October, 2018 by Morgan Metzger
Business, Vehicle 2.0
Today, CEO of Spiffy, Scot Wingo, introduced the Vehicle 2.0 model on Forbes. Believe it or not, there has been minimal change in the automotive industry since the debut of the Model T over 100 years ago.
Vehicle 2.0 identifies four major waves of innovation set to disrupt the automotive industry and beyond: electrification, connectivity, ownership, and autonomy.
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Electrification...think Tesla. Many automotive manufacturers are experimenting and putting out electric vehicles as viable alternatives to gas-powered cars and trucks.
Imagine being fully connected to your vehicle, enhancing the driving experience, that’s what connectivity focuses on. This will dramatically change how we interact with our vehicles, much like the shift in how people interact with their phones.
Ownership is an all encompassing wave of car sharing, subscription, and ride-sharing models that is changing the way consumers think about owning a car.
Driverless cars are a thing of the present, no longer the stuff of dreams, and autonomy could have the largest impact of all the Vehicle 2.0 waves.
Fascinated yet? Read the full article here. 

Posted in Business, Vehicle 2.0

Written by Morgan Metzger

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