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posted 14 March, 2024 by Kelli Garriott
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Last week marked a significant milestone for Spiffy® as we announced our acquisition of NuVinAir®. Our shared vision to transform the automotive service industry has sparked attention across the media landscape. Dive into the key highlights from the announcement below and discover how this partnership has already redefined the standards of vehicle maintenance and cleanliness for the industry.

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Triangle Inno: Scot Wingo’s car care company Spiffy acquires Texas firm

“Get Spiffy, a car care startup cofounded by serial entrepreneur Scot Wingo, is deploying some of the $30 million it raised last year to acquire a competitor.”

“The Research Triangle Park company announced its acquisition of Houston-based NuVinAir Thursday, its fourth buy in its 10 year history.”

GrepBeat: RTP-based Spiffy Gets Even Shinier With Acquisition Of Texas-Based NuVinAir

“Since its formation 10 years ago, RTP-based Spiffy has grown into its position as the leading mobile automotive maintenance and detailing company. Having performed over two million services and counting in the parking lots of car fleets, homes and offices across the U.S., its ambition is only growing.”

“With this acquisition, both Spiffy and NuVinAir can provide their collective customers with a wider platform to not only continue eliminating odors, but to also have access to the broad spectrum of other Spiffy services and devices.”

Auto Rental News: Spiffy Acquires NuVinAir To Better Clean Fleet Vehicles Inside and Out

“This acquisition represents a pivotal step in our mission to redefine the automotive service experience everywhere,” said Spiffy CEO Scot Wingo in a March 7 news release. “Together, we will continue to innovate and expand our products and services, providing customers with high quality and comprehensive vehicle cleanliness and health solutions.”

Auto Remarketing: Spiffy sniffs out expansion opportunity with purchase of NuVinAir

“NuVinAir founder and CEO Kyle Bailey added: “Joining forces with Spiffy is a natural progression for NuVinAir. Our shared vision for innovation and excellence makes this partnership a powerful combination. We are excited to contribute to Spiffy’s growth and to bring our unique products and technologies to even more customers.”

Driving Towards a Cleaner Future

A big thank you goes out to Triangle Inno, GrepBeat, Auto Rental News, and Auto Remarketing for sharing our latest milestone with the masses.

Learn more about NuVinAir’s trusted suite of products and technologies at www.nuvinair.com.

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