Spiffy COVID-19 Disinfection Options for Fleets

posted 12 March, 2020 by Jackson Balling
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As you can imagine, we have been getting more and more questions from our fleet partners seeking to protect their customers and employees from the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).
While COVID-19 is new and yet to be tested, existing chemicals that work on similar viruses are also considered effective on COVID-19. Our Spiffy R&D team has been working hard to offer vehicle disinfection options that meet that criteria and would be highly effective against this contagion.
When considering several different products, we prioritized the following as key factors for our fleet partners:
Hard and Soft Surfaces
Every passenger vehicle has hard surfaces (dash, doors, console, steering wheel, cup holders) and soft surfaces (fabric seats, carpet, fabric headliner). While people mostly touch hard surfaces, you can imagine with coughing and sneezing; bacteria and viruses can land on soft surfaces as well. Most hospitals have a policy of frequent hard surface treatment and less frequent soft surface treatment.
Product Application
For the antiviral capabilities of these products to be 99.999% effective, proper application procedures must be followed. First, our products are designed to be applied to a surface that has already been cleaned; these are not cleaning agents. Second, all of the products require at least a 10-minute settle time. Finally, for application, gloves and eyewear are recommended for technicians.
Protection Factor
Some antiviral products are designed to kill existing viruses, and then their efficacy is complete. Others have a lasting antiviral effect, what we call a protection factor. The products we are offering all have this, which means they provide future protection by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and helping prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, mold, fungus, and algae, which could act as a host to viruses. This continued protection varies from 7 days to 3 months.
Sanitize, disinfect, and protect with Spiffy 
Some of these products have an added fragrance, like lemon or pine. If no fragrance is added, they often have a base disinfectant odor. Historically we have found consumers are very sensitive to odors, but with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we believe people will take comfort that the car has been treated when they smell the odor/fragrance.
After considering many different options based on CDC and WHO recommendations, we’re pleased to share two updated service offerings to help your fleet defend against COVID-19 and similar viruses. Not only are our offerings truly effective and vehicle-ready, but they can make the highest-level disinfection claims based on the strict guidance of the EPA and CDC.
Spiffy Complete
The Spiffy Complete service utilizes a disinfectant spray for hard and soft surfaces. After spray-on application, it requires a 10 minute settle time and post-settle wipe down. It’s designed to disinfect your interior from 99.999% of contaminants, including viruses the EPA identifies as similar to COVID-19, while providing a seven-day layer of protection after application. There are no added fragrances, but it does have a disinfectant smell.
The Spiffy SHIELD service includes a two-phase treatment of all hard and soft surfaces, as well as a 20-minute settle time. The first phase is designed to eliminate 99.999% of contaminants in a vehicle, while the second phase continues to protect for up to 3 months after application. Unlike Spiffy Complete, the Spiffy SHIELD has zero odor.
Based on our conversations with existing fleet partners, the industry best practice is to focus on the Spiffy Complete solution for customer and employee vehicles. Many fleet partners also have buses and shuttles for transporting customers, and those clients are choosing a SHIELD treatment for these vehicles in particular, due to the long-lasting protection of the product.
Health and safety are our top priorities for both our customers and employees. We hope this transparent look at our research and consideration process offers some relief during this time. As heightened concerns regarding cleanliness continue, our team at Spiffy will remain focused on providing the best for our fleet partners and their customers.
If you have any additional questions or are ready to protect your fleet, please reach out to our Fleet Account Management team at (919) 355-3833 or email fam@getspiffy.com.

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Written by Jackson Balling

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