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Spiffy featured in CIO's article "Successful CIOs focus on a zero-friction customer experience"

posted 29 August, 2017 by Jill Jardine

In CIO's recent article, "Successful CIOs focus on a zero-friction customer experience", CIO dives into a consumer's expectations today. The article notes that in order to be successful, businesses should be focusing on reducing friction because "customers now expect a seamless cross-platform experience."

CIO further emphasizes this by advising, "If you are a CIO and you aren’t spending a large chunk of your time figuring out how to make a zero friction consumer experience - your competition is, and it’s a serious threat – consumer expectations have changed."

CIO then interviews Spiffy CEO, Scot Wingo, who has been a thought leader in ecommerce as well as the on-demand service world. Wingo built Spiffy around a zero-friction experience, and attributes the influx of on-demand company failures to "putting financial decisions in front of customer experience."

After mentioning that the on-demand economy has the ability to become even bigger than e-commerce, Wingo shares some of his knowledge on the subject. He cites there are four consumer behaviors that drive rapid adoption and determine a company's success. Click below to learn more.

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Written by Jill Jardine

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