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Spiffy Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

posted 17 August, 2017 by Morgan Metzger

We have had a great week in the news since our announcement of our 5th market, Dallas, Texas. We are excited to share that our CEO, Scot Wingo, has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine!


The article focuses on the “creative destruction” of the on-demand economy which refers to the disruption of the ever evolving on-demand companies. While many companies have popped up to meet the consumer demand, success in this space has been hit or miss. Scot Wingo notes that the user experience is what makes or breaks a company, which is why Spiffy strives to perfect each customer’s interaction. Entrepreneur magazine mentions Spiffy as a prime example of this creative destruction- iterating on the first version of the on-demand economy to create a recipe for success.

Scot attributes this success to their focus on the user experience. In the article he discusses the importance of having employees who are W2’d, trained, and taught to provide the best service. “If you look at the short history of on-demand companies, you can see how much damage has been done to various brands because of subpar service,” explains Wingo. “It is hard to foster an engaged and professional workforce if they are independent contractors. That is why many of the on-demand companies are changing the model and using full employment contracts. Some VCs are calling this a ‘full-stack’ model.”

Read the full article here!

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Written by Morgan Metzger

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