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Spiffy Featured on Entrepreneur Podcast Network

posted 05 September, 2017 by Jill Jardine

Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN) features Spiffy’s CEO, Scot Wingo, in their latest podcast “How Mobile Car Wash Company is Impacting the On-Demand Economy.” EPN’s Eric Dye interviews Wingo as a thought-leader in the on-demand space, asking about past success as well as future trends.

He touches on the “anti-DIY” trend after the recession, as well as the need to appeal to one of two customer segments: value and convenience oriented customers. Tune-in for more, including Wingo's advice for startups.

Listen to the full podcast here

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Written by Jill Jardine

Official Spiffy snack tester. Fond of overusing jokes and underusing shoes. Favorite part about Spiffy: the need to clarify between sarcasm & enthusiasm in meetings.