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Spiffy Media Round-Up May 2017

posted 23 May, 2017 by Jill Jardine
News, Business
Spiffy technician washing car on-demand at home location
Today Spiffy was mentioned in two publications, both citing originality as the cause for Spiffy's success in the on-demand space.

Though many entrepreneurs have seen opportunity in on-demand services, few have found the model for success. Last year funding for on-demand services dropped by 50% according to The Next Web. Those who tried to become the "Uber of ___" quickly failed, and those who innovated and built off that model, found success. 
In these articles, Spiffy's CEO, Scot Wingo, gives advice on how to be successful in this new economy, and how to be more in tune with customers and their needs.
Links to articles:

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Posted in News, Business

Written by Jill Jardine

Official Spiffy snack tester. Fond of overusing jokes and underusing shoes. Favorite part about Spiffy: the need to clarify between sarcasm & enthusiasm in meetings.