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Spiffy Veterans Day Blog Series: David Jones

posted 09 November, 2017 by Morgan Metzger

Our Veterans Day Blog Series has been such a huge hit, we’ve added one more blog interview! It’s been exciting to learn more about veterans lives post-serving, where their lives have taken them, and their success.

With that being said, we’d like to introduce David Jones, Co-founder and General Partner of Bull City Venture Partners.

David Jones LI Picture

Q: Will you introduce yourself, your company, and your military service experience?

A: I’m a co-founder and General Partner of Bull City Venture Partners, an early-stage tech focused Venture Capital firm based in Durham and actively investing out of our 3rd fund. I am a former Navy officer / P-3 Orion Aviator for almost 10-years.


Q: What makes your business unique?

A: BCVP is unique in our focus on partnering with the very best entrepreneurs and working closely with them to grow their business.


Q: How do you think your experience in the military plays a role in how you run your business?

A: My experience in the military was a great lesson to thrive on the unknown and the chaos of working around the clock to complete a mission in peace time and in war. An entrepreneur starting a company faces these similar unknowns and has to be able to stomach the chaos of what it takes to make all these decisions in building a company.


Q: What was your transition like from the military to the corporate world? What challenges did you have to overcome?

A: Transitioning from the military can be difficult - learning all new jargon, realizing everyone may not have the same mission/agenda, and much more. My transition was aided by attending grad school where I worked in teams and had recruiters come to educate us on many of the different career opportunities.


Q: What's your dream car?

A: My dream car? I’m not much of a car person, so my dream car is probably a pickup truck.


Thank you David for your service!


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Written by Morgan Metzger

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