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posted 03 March, 2017 by Kakoli Roy
Car Care

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For many of us, it is unthinkable to not take care of our automobiles. Especially after the kind of service we get out of them. Can we imagine being vehicle-less even for a day? The best laid plans will fall kaput, like a house of cards! Taking care of your car is akin to taking care of your pets. Noy only you have to take responsibility for their general upkeep but also have the professionals lend their expertise to ensure robust longevity. It’s been long established cars are representational of who we are and broadly speaking, our attitude towards life.

Most of us also lead workaholic lives in this competitive work climate. Jobs are as dispensable as human-beings. Technology is continually evolving and existing know-how needing to revamp. So in this topsy-turvy scenario, we have to produce outstanding work in order to set us apart. Time is of the essence and it’s necessary to prioritize the “To do” list in a way that leaves us to do things that are more important for us. The rest can be outsourced to the experts in their spheres of expertise.

I am sure many of you readers have nostalgic memories of washing the car on a lazy Sunday afternoon with dad or mom in what seems like another era. In today’s life, we are guided by two principles - quality and acceleration and they are not mutually exclusive of one another.

Hand Wash vs. Automated Wash

Hand Washing a car manually is physical work and an infringement on your time. It involves planning (time) procuring (cleaning agents) and post car wash cleaning up (driveway). You have to set aside time to wash, scrub, brush, vacuum, polish, and spruce up your car. This method can be a huge deterrent for environmentally conscious folks. You are not just wasting water but the dirty water also causes pollution in our rivers, lakes, streams and harbors. The waste water that runs off a car when it is washed contains a range of substances that pollutes the environment. There has been several statistical studies which show there are three reasons for opting to wash the car at home. It is a ritualistic chore with preplanned time set aside. It is also the the economics that drives it. Even though it is time and labor intensive, it saves quite a few bucks. Lastly, from a purist standpoint, it gives you more control on your car. You wash it precisely the way you envision it needs to be cleaned. The question you need to ask yourself is - Do you have the proper tools and are you using the best techniques for your car?

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Automated car wash There are a couple of huge detractors in this method of car cleaning. Typically, (especially over the weekend) car washes are crowded and more often than not, there is a waiting queue. So if you add the waiting time to the designated 15 minutes, then you typically end up spending more time than you had wished for. These car wash machines are not quintessentially cued into the meticulousness of car wash and detailing. So don’t be surprised if you come out of the car wash 45 minutes later with a swirl mark or a scratch mark. Besides, in order to maximise profits, the car wash operators often do a hurried job on your vacuum. So a job in haste is always a job in waste.

Automated car wash method of car cleaning
How does Spiffy change the game
This is where Spiffy comes in. We are here to bridge that space between convenience and quality. According to Addison Lessing, Customer Care Specialist at Spiffy,“Our goal is to redefine the car washing experience, so we try to be different from most traditional car washes as much as possible.”

Again in his words, “What sets Spiffy apart from a traditional car wash is we come to your location to complete the service using one of our self-contained vans. The vans carry their own water, power, tools, and mat. Thoroughly trained professional technicians will complete the service of your choice. Each service is completed using hand sponges, high pressure water, and towel drying. We also offer full detailing options for every type of detailing need.

We also use tailor made professional equipment to complete each service, as well as a proprietary reclaim system to exceed EPA regulations for water use and chemical runoff.”

Addison Lessing of Spiffy, customer care specialist for mobile car washing and detailing

Yes, our Penguin Wow Factor is combining the best of two methods, i.e. manual car wash and an automated car wash to give your car the finish you dream of. Some of the Spiffy’s best detail packages include exterior details which include Paint polishing, orbital hand polish wax, hand finished wax removal and super shine, and light scratch removal. We pride ourselves in the fact that our spiffy clean is swirl mark and scratch mark free clean. We use clay bar to remove all the imperfections like sap stains, bird droppings, acid rain, bugs, tars, and all kinds of road debris. This careful attention to detail is included in our #5 service, the Totally Awesome. All of this stellar service is provided by a team of trained technicians, who are hand-picked and trained.

Spiffy car wash and detailing being performed on SUV

Every day is a new day. We try and stay true to our mission statement, “ Imagine your car feeling new again.” We try to create experience through our service, and the customer testimonials on our website prove what we’re doing works. We are constantly innovating to make your life smoother by eliminating the car wash “to do” task from your busy schedule.

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Written by Kakoli Roy