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The Best Way to Remove Odors in Your Car

posted 13 June, 2019 by Jackson Balling
Dealing with a car cabin that is overwhelmed with an offensive odor can be frustrating. Worse than that is having to play the mystery smell game and figure out where the odor is coming from.
The best way to start an attack on awful vehicle odors is by removing whatever is causing it, if possible. While sweaty sporting equipment or spilled coffee are more obvious than others, any kind of hidden odors in your cabin has to be properly treated in order to be removed. If not, then you are merely wasting your time and money with a half-hearted attempt to attack the scents in your car.
At Spiffy, we offer two different upgrades to treat sources of odors in your car: the Odor Eliminator and Decontaminator. To the untrained eye, spending $29 on the Odor Eliminator would seem to be more practical than the $89 Decontaminator upgrade. While there might be some cases where that is true, it ultimately comes down to your specific situation.
If you have your sights set on properly eliminating any kind of odors in your vehicle, then let’s breakdown both upgrades and their specific use cases for a more informed booking experience.

Odor Eliminator

When you notice a foul smell in your car, our Odor Eliminator is designed to refresh your cabin by covering the odor with a more powerful fragrance. In order to maximize the value of your Odor Eliminator upgrade, we recommend booking it if you fall under one of the following use cases:
  • Musty or stale air
  • Odor from transporting goods or items, such as sporting equipment or compost
  • Wet dog smell
If you fall under one of those use cases but are sensitive to fragrances, or your cabin is rife with intensely foul smells, then our Decontaminator upgrade is worth your attention.


The Decontaminator upgrade is a heavy duty solution, designed to deodorize, decontaminate, and sanitize your car’s entire cabin; right down to the nooks and crannies. Rather than covering up the smells in your vehicle, this upgrade eradicates the cause of the odor itself.
With the Simoniz ODOR-OUT™ delivery system, a chlorine dioxide vapor sanitizes your seats and surfaces by making direct contact with any bacteria or other microbes living in your vehicle.
This upgrade is perfect for the following use cases:
  • Mold and mildew
  • Rotten foods
  • Spilled and spoiled beverages, such as coffee or milk
  • Tobacco smoke odor
  • Germs, including flu

Which is Best for You?

Are you still on the fence for which upgrade can provide you with the right value for your unique needs?
When it comes time to book an interior cleaning for your car, be sure to start with an inspection throughout your cabin. In some cases, that noticeable mold or mildew smell comes from a wet floor mat or carpet, so feel around to locate any hidden damp spots. Dig underneath your seats, as well as in your trunk and glove compartment.
While it’s rare, don’t rule out a wildcard like a dead bird or animal causing strong odors in your car. Our technicians have handled a few situations where the Odor Eliminator upgrade was used multiple times, to no avail, due to an unexpected passenger in the front grill or radiator.
Do you have a persistent odor in your car that needs to be taken care of? With these definitions of our odor attacking upgrades in tow, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to book the right service for your needs!
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Written by Jackson Balling

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