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What are the Benefits of Rain Repellent?

posted 17 July, 2019 by Jackson Balling
Car Care
For most of the country, hot summer temperatures coincide with plenty of rainfall. North Carolina and Georgia average at least 4.75 inches per month, which can force your wipers to work overtime just to keep your windshield clear. That’s where rain repellent comes into play. An effective treatment is capable of making every drive through a downpour safer for drivers and passengers alike.
Even if you live in a more arid state like California, treating your windshield with rain repellent provides plenty of advantages.

See Clearer, Drive Safer

Obviously, the top benefit of rain repellent is the improved vision clarity while driving. By forming a chemical bond with your windshield, you can enjoy a level of hydrophobic protection that eases the workload for your wipers. But clearer vision isn't the only benefit to your driving.
According to a University of Michigan study, the effects of rain repellent include “decreasing the minimum visual angle resolved by almost 34% and reducing the response time by more than one second.” As a result, you can expect glare-free driving in the rain, especially at night; making it easier to see and react to what’s going on in front of you.
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Clean Easier, Rest Sooner

An often understated benefit for car owners is the impact on windshield cleaning, especially during winter. Rain repellent makes clearing ice and snow much easier by actively preventing both from building up on your windshield. The same can be said about dirt, which gets caught by water and carried away as it glides down your windows.
The hydrophobic coating acts almost like a self-cleaning agent, which can keep your vehicle’s glass looking extra shiny for months and help to reduce water marks.

Beat the Competition

There are plenty of imitators of our Spiffy Rain Repellent upgrade out there, many of which can wash away in as soon as a few days. With our Simoniz®-certified products, we’re able to ensure that every service lasts up to six times longer than the average silicone-based product. By treating your vehicle with the same level of attention and care as airplanes and professional racers alike.
Whether you’re looking to fight back against unexpected summer rain or keep your windshield clear through the seasons, our Rain Repellent upgrade is set to suit your needs and keep your vehicle equipped for the months ahead!
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Posted in Car Care

Written by Jackson Balling

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