What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil?

posted 10 October, 2019 by Julie Briggs
Car Care
Ask any mechanic what their biggest pet peeve is and the likely answer you’ll receive: drivers who can’t be bothered to change their oil. While life can get busy and it’s all-too-easy to ignore what may be going on under the hoods of our cars, don’t be mistaken -- failing to change your oil can have serious consequences.
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Remember that the purpose of oil is to cool the engine, clean, seal, and lubricate. To help car owners better understand the importance of regular oil changes, Spiffy will break down what may happen if you let it fall by the wayside.

Ridin’ Dirty

No, this is not 2005, and you are not in a Chamillionaire video. If you let your oil go too long, dirt will start to build up in it, causing your filter to clog. Dirty oil is thick and has abrasives in it, so it causes more wear and tear on your engine.

Things Heat Up

The most common problem with forgetting that oil change is that your engine will become way too hot and won’t run efficiently. This means that you may find that your engine components will even warp and wear over time.

Buh-Bye, Engine

The worst-case scenario for drivers who neglect oil changes is that it could completely ruin your engine! Over time, the wear and tear could mean you have to replace your engine block. This usually costs thousands of dollars, and most drivers will choose to either sell or scrap the car at that point.
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Written by Julie Briggs

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