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Why It’s Just as Important to Clean Your Car in Cold Weather

posted 11 December, 2018 by Julie Briggs
Car Care


Snow covered car

Keeping your car washed and clean during the winter months will prevent harmful deterioration and erosion from occurring. Cleaning your car throughout the winter is a surefire way to make your vehicle last longer and stop rust from developing.

Roads lined with salt and subfreezing temperatures can take a heavy toll on your vehicle. However, taking the time to wash your car in the winter months often seems like an effort in futility since one quick trip to the store will undo all your hard work. Nevertheless, when temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to thoroughly clean and apply a protective wax to your car. The wax will help shield your car from outside debris and grime, giving it a protective layer against the harsh winter elements.

Snowy road

It’s also imperative to spend extra time cleaning behind the wheels, quarter panels, and the front grill as these are the areas where the road salt will gather the most. The primary thing to avoid is moisture buildup, which will inevitably lead to corrosive rust. Rust will eat away at your vehicle and can occur anywhere on the body of your car, on the underlying car frame, or under the hood. For these reasons, it’s important to wash your car as frequently as possible. Use warm water to help erode grime buildup and soap that’s made specifically for vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are also many pitfalls to washing your car in the winter. When it’s below freezing, low-pressure methods and hand towel drying must be utilized to prevent damage. Using a high-pressure water source is liable to get moisture in cracks, keyholes, and other tight spaces where it will later form rust. Washer fluid can also freeze in the reservoir, so it’s important to monitor it.

Car interior

It’s easy to put off car upkeep in the brutal winter months, but it’s during this time when it’s most important to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness and protection against the elements.

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Written by Julie Briggs

Cat mom and skeeball enthusiast based in New York, NY.