Penguin Tales: How Spiffy is Doing

posted 27 October, 2017 by Morgan Metzger

Earlier this year, Spiffy symbolically adopting a penguin and named her... Spiffy! From there we have been updating our followers on Spiffy and her travels. She has hatched chicks, raised them, and migrated north. If you love penguins as much as we do, you'll love our Spiffy the penguin updates!

The penguins have made it north! Their colony has been spotted near the coast of Brazil. Spiffy has safely made it back to her family of (grown) chicks in sunny and warm Brazil. It’s lucky that Spiffy and her colony were able to migrate safely because this winter in Patagonia and surrounding areas has been brutal. The weather was as low as -25 degrees celsius, which is the coldest ever recorded in Patagonia history. The last time weather hit these record lows was in 1963 when it was -21 degrees celsius.

migration map for spiffy the penguin

It’s crucial that the temperature increases before Spiffy migrates back, especially since her main concern when she returns will be laying eggs and hatching more chicks. Lucky for Spiffy, in Southern Brazil it’s around 25 degrees celsius, so she can lounge and eat fish as much as she likes. Because of this major temperature change, Spiffy migrated to warmer temperatures, since she’s not accustomed to colder climates like Antarctic breeds of penguins.

Spiffy’s main priority in Brazil is relaxation. The temperature is warm, the water is clear, and life is good for Spiffy and the colony. The days are longer and warmer, therefore offering more opportunities to catch fish. Magellanic penguins don’t have any prominent predators, so they live relatively safe lives. Certain sharks and sea lions prey on penguins, but these sharks are found in more tropical locations so it’s not a concern for Spiffy in Cabo Virgenes or Brazil.

three penguins on the beach

Spiffy will soon leave Brazil and travel back down to her home with her partner and chicks to begin a new family. Penguins are not only very social, but very routine, so they always have a plan for what’s happening next. Stay tuned for Spiffy’s next adventure, going home!

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Written by Morgan Metzger

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