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posted 21 December, 2020 by Jackson Balling
Since the launch of Spiffy Franchising, we've received plenty of questions from interested owners about the process of jumping into the car care industry. If you’re interested or on the fence about joining Spiffy as a franchise owner, then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about what makes our model unique - both today and into the future.

What Makes Spiffy Franchising Unique?

Spiffy offers interested franchise owners with a distinct business opportunity, whether you’re an experienced mechanic or looking to break into the automotive industry for the first time. By understanding our company’s identity, values, and available resources, it’s easy to get a sense of the success that lies ahead as an official franchise.

Built to Disrupt

From the start, Spiffy was founded to disrupt the existing automotive industry. Our co-founders, Scot Wingo and Karl Murphy, first came together with the Carolina Auto Spa, a traditional car wash in Cary, NC. The former had experience leading e-commerce startups, while the latter was a veteran Army officer with years of sales experience. 
Eventually, their vision for car care expanded beyond brick and mortar car wash locations and into on-demand business - like Uber, but for car washing. This led to Spiffy, which has grown from just mobile wash and detail to a whole gamut of car care services for local individuals and nationwide fleets. 
A key to our growth and success has been the fact that we’re a technology startup operating in the automotive industry. From day one, we’ve seen the traditional service model as outdated and have strived to make vehicle maintenance easier for everyone involved. Developing new technologies to make every process more efficient hasn’t been simple, but laying that groundwork has led to a stable and rebound-friendly business model - even in the face of COVID-19.


Dedication to Values

Early on, we settled on the fundamental company values that should define every service and customer experience: Convenient, Trusted, Professional, and Green. The intersection of these values is our mission statement as we continue disrupting the industry:
  1. Convenient: We exist to simplify the lives of others, whether they’re a customer with one car or a fleet manager overseeing over a hundred vehicles. Easy-to-use technology and scheduling flexibility are crucial for achieving this, especially as we continue to grow. 
  2. Trusted: The work that we do takes mindful training and strict practices delivered consistently to lead to 5-star service ratings. To achieve this, each technician receives over 100 hours of classroom and field training to ensure the highest quality result for our customers.
  3. Professional: We’re dedicated to a positive reputation, which comes with uniformed technicians, eye-catching vans, and universal equipment for every appointment. We’re also always improving our products and processes to ensure that we’re providing the best service possible.
  4. Green: Arguably, the most important value is our dedication to the local environment through water and oil reclamation, 100% eco-friendly supplies, and best practices for minimizing our impact on nearby ecosystems.

Get the Support You Need

When you’ve decided to franchise with Spiffy, you gain access to a suite of existing support for your new business. This starts with the technology needed to hit the ground running, such as our mobile apps, in-house back end software for scheduling, and your fleet of Spiffy vans - including wash/detail, oil, and tires.
As you get closer to your opening day, you and your team will be invited to our headquarters in Research Triangle Park. Once here, you’ll spend two weeks learning the hard-fought lessons that we’ve experienced over the last six years. After that, you’ll have access to our Spiffy U e-learning platform to round out training for new technician recruits!
Once everything is up and running in your city, you can rely on our corporate leadership and resources to focus on local business. Our executive team is always available to discuss questions, concerns, or issues that you may have. Not only that, but our accounting, marketing, and customer care teams are at your disposal as well. These groups will work with you to help manage business finances, promote your new business, and keep customers happy. 

Ready to Get Started?

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Written by Jackson Balling

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