Delivering Peace of Mind with Facilities Disinfection

posted 27 April, 2020 by Grayson Leverenz
Facilities, Disinfection
As an on-demand car care company, we’re well-versed in surface + upholstery disinfection and protection. The chemicals we use to fight COVID-19 are designed for hospital-grade disinfection and are effective inside facilities as well as vehicles.
We recently wrote about facilities disinfection bringing a client's employees back to work with confidence after a known coronavirus case. Now we'd like to show you how it works with our new video.  
Whether you are responding to a COVID-19 incident in your facility or being proactive in anticipation of a return to work, you can rest easy knowing Spiffy Facilities Disinfection services are:
  • Professionally administered
  • Circulate through your HVAC
  • Provide extended antimicrobial protection
If that doesn't give you complete peace of mind, you can buy our high-touch surface spray in bulk for frequent treatments between professional applications.   
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Posted in Facilities, Disinfection

Written by Grayson Leverenz

Grayson Leverenz is Spiffy’s Chief Marketing Officer. When she’s not spreading happiness and clean cars from coast to coast, she usually can be found playing video games with her family.