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Managing a Car Sharing Fleet with Spiffy

posted 09 April, 2018 by Morgan Metzger

At Spiffy, we understand how important it is for your fleet to not only be well maintained, but also look stellar. Your vehicles are like traveling billboards, and Spiffy is the all-in-one vendor to make that happen for your fleet.

Spiffy Fleet Oil Change

Spiffy works with car sharing companies across the country providing an array of services: car washing, detailing, waxing, oil changes, vinyl removal, and more! With our convenient Fleet App, Fleet Managers are saving time with easy scheduling, billing, and communication.

As a Fleet Manager, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of the service. Spiffy’s team of 100+ trained and trusted technicians consistently show 5-star results. Spiffy services 150-300 vehicles a day for our larger fleet clients. We have the scale to help you with peak demand periods and keep your fleet 100% on the road.

Spiffy your fleet with on-demand fleet care services. Follow the link for more information, to request a quote, and more!

Learn More about Spiffy Fleet Care

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Written by Morgan Metzger

Lover of coffee, the Wolfpack, and all things Spiffy. Spreading happiness and clean cars through each tweet, blog and Instagram post.