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posted 19 January, 2023 by Justin Mitchiner

Last week we were thrilled to announce 90%+ year-over-year growth and the addition of our new CFO, Brad Schomber. By riding the wave of innovation as consumers and businesses move to mobile service, we hit many exciting milestones after our 2022 extended series B funding round and plan to continue the momentum in 2023.

If you missed the thrilling update, we have gathered a selection of articles from different media sources for your enjoyment!

Read the full press release!
“Having taken ChannelAdvisor public after building the ecommerce services provider into a global player, cofounder Scot Wingo well knows the challenges facing startups that want to go public. A crucial piece: Having an experienced chief financial officer.”
“Hired for the CFO role is Brad Schomber, whose background includes 16 years of financial and accounting experience and two initial public offerings.
‘I am thrilled to welcome Brad as our new chief financial officer here at Spiffy,’ Spiffy CEO and co-founder Scot Wingo said in a news release.
‘His proven track record scaling growth-stage businesses as well as his experience navigating fund-raising and taking companies public make him the perfect fit as we continue to build a world-class company,’ Wingo said.”
“Spiffy said it saw significant movement in all four trends in 2022, despite economic headwinds.
Early last year Spiffy serviced its millionth customer, and by year-end had delivered about 850,000 additional service calls, almost as many in 2022 as in the entire company history.”
“Brad echoed Scot’s enthusiasm about the new role: ‘I am excited to join Spiffy and become part of such a dynamic team that is rapidly scaling across multiple very large TAM opportunities,’ said Schomber. ‘It’s truly unique to find such an innovative company that offers solutions so perfectly tailored for today’s environment.’ ”

Momentum Drive

We are just getting started! We are beyond excited to keep driving positive changes in our industry and exceeding our growth targets. This is an exciting time to be a part of Spiffy on our journey as we continue innovating with new technologies and experiences, using them to cultivate the best customer experience. So stay tuned - there's more coming!
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