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Redefining the Car Care Experience for Fleet Management Companies

posted 18 August, 2020 by Jackson Balling
Adapting to the post-COVID world comes with a unique set of challenges for fleets of all sizes, and maintenance is at the top. Some companies significantly increased their de-fleeting efforts, others altered their practices for the ongoing pandemic, and thousands of vehicles across the country sat parked for months. As vehicle usage begins to rise, the conventional approach to maintenance and vehicle care has been disrupted by the need for disinfection. 
The need for a convenient and trusted solution with a quality experience is more significant than ever, which Spiffy is well-equipped to provide for your fleet customers.

Zero-Contact Services in a Post-COVID World

We can’t start with maintenance without addressing the importance of zero-contact services. Staying healthy is on the top of everyone’s minds right now, especially in shared spaces and company cars, which makes consistency crucial for your fleet. That means ensuring that each vehicle is serviced by someone wearing clean personal protective equipment (PPE) and adequately trained for our newly socially-distant world.
Here’s where the difference between 1099 and W2 employees comes into play. Independent contractors have much flexibility in terms of their work schedule, assignments, and total experience, which can lead to inconsistent results for your fleet. With COVID-19, 1099 workers are also responsible for their own PPE, which can put drivers at risk for infection. On the other hand, W2 employees are specially trained and equipped to handle every customer’s needs. In our case, this includes company provided, top of the line PPE, disinfection protocols, such as carrying out zero-contact services and following our 40-point disinfection checklist.
With each technician on the same page, it’s easier to address each vehicle’s maintenance needs. In the case of cars parked for extended periods, this can include a high amount of degradation in rubber components, batteries, and oil quality. Dealing with each of these issues is severe enough, but having to pile disinfection and proper safety precautions on top can be challenging to handle. Fortunately, it can be made easier with an all-inclusive maintenance solution.

How Fleet Management as a Service Works for You

By choosing a one-vendor solution in Spiffy, you can enjoy the benefits of routine services that fit your schedule. As an entirely mobile business, we have the luxury of being the most flexible in terms of time and location. We can service individual vehicles out in the field during the day, or come to your fleet directly during off-hours.
Our Fleet Management as a Service model has continued to evolve alongside fleets as their needs shift, with disinfection as an example. As more companies begin to explore a shift towards electric vehicles, we’re well-positioned to maintain our service standard for in-fleeting, lifetime preventative maintenance, and eventual de-fleeting.

Simplify Maintenance Efforts on the Front and Back-end

Operating your fleet has been made simpler with the number of analytic and inventory management tools. It’s essential for us to be compatible with your solution of choice, so we provide immediate digital billing through Auto Integrate. For those looking to manage their vehicle maintenance digitally, we offer our customized web app for scheduling appointments and keeping up with completed services. 
Our goal is to keep your fleet management simple so you can focus on growing your business. To that end, we’re well-positioned to supplement your ongoing maintenance program with zero-contact mobile services that fit your schedule. Whether you have 100 vehicles or manage several fleets in cities across the country, we’re capable of meeting your demand wherever it pops up.

A Win-Win for Fleets and Drivers

When you choose to partner with Spiffy, you can enjoy the flexibility of our one-vendor maintenance solution with the added benefit and safety of zero-contact services. Coupled with our national footprint, we’re eager to help stabilize your operations during the ongoing pandemic while allowing drivers and customers to feel safer. 
If you’re interested in learning more about how Spiffy can start helping your fleet, be sure to reach out to our Fleet Account Management team today!
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Written by Jackson Balling

Jackson is our Content Marketing Manager, bringing over five years of professional experience in creative copywriting, audio production, and video editing to the Spiffy Marketing team.
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