Revolutionizing Mobile Car Care: Chapel Hill Tire's Success with Digital Servicing™

posted 08 February, 2024 by Jackson Balling
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Since late 2020, we have offered the Digital Servicing™ package for dealerships and independent mechanics looking to jumpstart mobile car care services. The idea is relatively simple: give Fixed Ops departments the tools needed for easy, mobile services. No long wait time to launch and without any fears of market cannibalization.

Back in June 2022, we explored what this package means for Chapel Hill Tire, a multi-location mechanic right in our backyard. Now that they’ve got a year of mobile service operations under their belts, let’s check back in and see how business has fared since making the investment in the vans, tools, and technologies that Spiffy provides.


Marc Pons, President of Chapel Hill Tire, wanted to be at the forefront of meeting customer expectations with an app-based experience and mobile service delivery throughout North Carolina’s Triangle region.

But deciding to expand into fully mobile, app-enabled services was the easy part. Committing to the idea came with immediate risks: the costs of investing in a brand-new revenue stream, ongoing supply chain shortages, and concerns with labor retention.


Chapel Hill Tire chose the Digital ServicingTM package to accelerate its road to launching mobile services and provide that extra convenience to its customers. In partnering with Spiffy, Marc and his team at Chapel Hill Tire found a partner that offered three key things for their business:

  1.  Private label software that supported a national network of mobile services
  2. Training and expertise to launch and scale a successful mobile operation
  3. Extending the Chapel Hill Tire brand with service vans as moving billboards


After operating for just over a year, Chapel Hill Tire has already performed nearly 3,000 services, with an average service ticket of over $114. Month-over-month transaction volume has grown by an average of nearly 50% during this period. Chapel Hill Tire started with two vans, and has quickly scaled their fleet to five. They aim to have at least one van for each of their 11 stores by 2024.

Are you curious to read all the details from Chapel Hill Tire’s first seven months with Digital Servicing? Click the image below to download our full case study white paper!

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Posted in News, Business

Written by Jackson Balling

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