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posted 03 November, 2023 by John Hession
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We're thrilled that our cutting-edge tire diagnostic device has been making headlines across various media platforms since we announced it last week! From respected industry publications to your local news, dive into the key highlights from our recent
Easy TreadTM announcement below.

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Triangle Inno: Wingo's car care startup Spiffy invents tire sensor system

“Studying Amazon for so long, one of the things that is interesting about them is they built something no one has ever built before and then ended up building things around it,” he said, pointing to its cloud computing business, built to support its retail arm.

Similarly, he sees Spiffy as building products to support its central business."

Modern Tire Dealer: Spiffy Releases Easy Tread Visual Tire Diagnostic
“With Easy Tread, we’re not just telling customers what’s going on with their tires; we’re showing them. This level of transparency is revolutionizing the customer experience, fostering a higher level of trust and satisfaction.” 
- Scott Wingo, CEO of Spiffy
Tire Business: Get Spiffy beta-testing digital tire inspection system
"We recognized the necessity for a tool that wouldn't just tell, but show the real-time status of tire health, providing undeniable evidence of the need for service. It's about bringing honesty and clarity to a process that was previously viewed with doubt, ensuring customers feel confident in the decisions they're making for their vehicle's welfare." Said Ryan Eade, CTO at Spiffy
Hypepotamus: Spiffy's new Tire Sensor System Wants to Help Build Trust in The Car Mechanics World
"Beta testing gave the Spiffy team some unique insights into how to iterate the product itself. While Wingo said that Easy Tread initially started out as a handheld unit, that simply wouldn’t work because it forced technicians to get on the ground. But they also had to strike an important balance with their ‘low to the ground’ units to ensure that it would also work with lower ground clearance cars.
Work Truck: Spiffy Unveils Easy Tread to Transform Tire Maintenance
"In our continuous dialogue with partners in the tire industry, a recurring theme has been the challenge of consumer trust. Our partners expressed that customers often encounter skepticism when it comes to service recommendations, creating a gap that needed to be bridged," shared Ryan Eade, CTO of Spiffy.

Get Early Access

Currently, Easy Tread is in an advanced stage of beta testing, being put to the test by our extensive network of 600+ technicians for invaluable feedback and performance data for final device optimizations. The nationwide rollout of Easy Tread is set for 2024, promising to make tire maintenance and overall auto care a more reliable, transparent, and trustworthy process for car owners everywhere.

The future of tire maintenance is coming soon, be a part of the launch.

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Written by John Hession

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