An Update from Spiffy CEO Scot Wingo: No Impact from SVB Closure

posted 11 March, 2023 by Scot Wingo
Spiffy customers and partners,
As you have heard by now, one of the top startup-oriented lending and banking institutions, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), closed yesterday. We wanted to let everybody know that Spiffy does not have any impact from the SVB closure because we bank with a non-venture focused national bank. We have also verified there are no second order impacts with our vendors that provide payroll and that our franchise partners are not impacted.

If you missed it, around three weeks ago we announced our $30m Series C funding.
Spiffy is well-funded and our operations are continuing without any disruption. The team we have assembled at Spiffy has been through the internet bubble burst, 9/11, GFC of 08/09, and the COVID-19 pandemic and stands ready to successfully navigate potentially choppy waters.
We truly appreciate those of you who have reached out with concerns after hearing the SVB news and thank you for continuing to be our customers. We wake up every day realizing you have choices in your car care partner and strive to provide a 10x better experience than alternatives.
If you are fleet customer and have any questions you can direct them to Our residential and office park customers can email us at Anyone can reach us at 844-438-7743 during our operating hours.
Scot Wingo

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Written by Scot Wingo