Efficiency and Affordability: The Benefits of Spiffy's New and Improved Smart Tumbler

posted 17 March, 2023 by Justin Mitchiner

We're thrilled to have our latest innovation, the new and improved Smart Tumbler on the market. After launching the original odor elimination device in 2022, we gathered valuable feedback from our field technicians and fleet customers that we incorporated into this version. The goal is the same - to address the issue of declining customer satisfaction due to vehicle odors - and now we offer two treatment levels with the most affordable price point on the market.

We understand the need for an affordable and reliable solution to eliminate vehicle odors, and our new and improved Smart Tumbler delivers just that. As our CEO, Scot Wingo, says, "Everything we do at Spiffy starts with the customer." This latest iteration of the Smart Tumbler is a testament to our commitment to our customers' satisfaction. This blog will explore what these improvements mean for our customers.

A Fresh Odor Elimination Solution

Our engineering team is all about continuous improvement and iterated to produce a design that lasts up to 3x longer when used correctly. We understand how important user experience is, so we've decreased the button response time by 90% and introduced a 'coin-slot' design, making the device more responsive and intuitive than ever before.
To further enhance user experience, our Smart Tumbler now features an intuitive charging display that shows the battery level when charging, alleviating any confusion about whether the device is charging or not. And lastly, the pump is now 25% stronger, resulting in even more effective treatments.
“When our fleet clients needed a safe, reliable odor elimination solution that they could implement themselves, we jumped in and developed the Smart Tumbler. As we received customer feedback, we evolved the product. I’m excited to introduce the new and improved Smart Tumbler with the most affordable price point on the market.”
Spiffy CEO - Scot Wingo

Fleet Interior Revival

We're thrilled to offer improved value to rental fleet managers, with our new Light treatment tablets, specifically designed and priced for more regular use and car maintenance. Customers can save the Heavy-Duty tablets for stronger odors like when someone smokes in a car, and use the Light option for regular maintenance to keep cars fresh after every vehicle turn.
We've introduced a cost-effective Light treatment option that starts as low as $3 with a monthly subscription, making it the most affordable solution for regular vehicle maintenance.

One Stop Car Odor Solution

Lingering odors are a leading cause of negative customer feedback for fleet and rental car companies, and our upgraded Smart Tumbler is sure to be a game-changer. Redesigned with fleet operations and efficiency needs in mind, it offers the most cost-effective and reliable odor elimination product on the market, ensuring improved customer experience and satisfaction.
With treatments now starting as low as $3, driving customer satisfaction has never been more affordable. So, if you're looking to enhance your fleet's efficiency and customer satisfaction, the Smart Tumbler is a must-have. Contact us now to learn more!

Drive customers satisfaction in the most affordable way with Smart Tumbler

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