How Spiffy Creates a Customized Fleet Maintenance Strategy

posted 03 August, 2021 by Addison Lessing
Every fleet of vehicles is unique. Whether it’s two vehicles or two thousand, Corollas or Freightliners, 24/7 utilization, or a 9 to 5 routine, a fleet needs tailored maintenance schedules to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. For fleet managers, it can be challenging to find ways to keep your fleet on the road without sacrificing regular maintenance. 
With Spiffy’s Fleet Management as a Service model, you can have a detailed fleet maintenance program that’s customized to fit your specific needs and fleet strategy - from scheduling and service tracking to billing and personalized account management.

Inspecting Your Fleet Vehicles

The core of our Fleet Management as a Service solution provides endless options and unlimited customization catered to your fleet from start to finish. Every Spiffy fleet appointment begins with a customized inspection based on your needs as a fleet manager. Our technicians use our proprietary software to document and photograph potential issues, maintenance needs, and the overall work completed.
These inspections keep you engaged in every aspect of your fleet management, identify problems and potential maintenance needs for each vehicle, and give you peace of mind. At the same time, our process provides total transparency and accountability for your overall fleet performance.

Convenient Data Tracking, all in one place

All of the information collected in our inspections and throughout our fleet vehicle services is securely stored on our system, accessible using our unique web portal. The web portal gives another layer of transparency and accountability, allowing you to view asset photos and fleet services in real-time, check past work completed, download invoices, and run reports to understand your fleet utilization and maintenance overhead.
As a fleet manager, the portal gives you instant access to our fleet account management team using the chat feature to answer any questions you may have and enables you to provide logged feedback on each appointment.

Fleet Management Billing Made Simple 

While our portal gives you the ability to check and track vehicle services instantly, we can make your billing seamless and pain-free on the back end. Whether you need PDF invoices in real-time or a simple spreadsheet with the total cost for each month, we’ve got you covered. Each invoice is custom-made to suit common needs for fleet managers, including identifying information like VINs, odometer readings, fleet-specific vehicle numbers, PO numbers, and more for your accounts payable team.
Our fleet billing application allows you to select your invoicing terms. Payment can be made using a credit card through our web portal, ACH payments with our accounting team, or fully automated using our technology integrations with your fleet management system, like Auto Integrate

Personalized Account Management 

Fleet maintenance customization, from inspections to billing, is managed by our in-house Fleet Account Management team. Upon starting with Spiffy’s fleet management solutions, we’ll introduce you to your dedicated account manager. Your account manager’s job is to assist in customizing your fleet management solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction, and developing our partnership to encompass all of your fleet needs making Spiffy your one-stop shop.
Our team works seven days a week to ensure that every fleet vehicle is on the road and we are available via phone, email, and web portal chat to assist with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. With our hands-on approach to fleet management strategy, you can rest assured that every vehicle is properly maintained.

Make Fleet Management More Convenient with Spiffy

Spiffy’s commitment to maximizing your fleet utilization starts the moment you bring in a vehicle until you remove it from the fleet. From documented inspections to live tracking and simple payments, our team is at fleet managers’ disposal to tailor a maintenance strategy to your specific needs, taking the stress off you to optimize your fleet performance and safely extend the lifecycle of every vehicle. 
Ready to see how Spiffy and our Fleet Account Managers can customize your maintenance strategy? Contact our Fleet Account Management team to schedule a fleet cleaning demo for your business today!
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Written by Addison Lessing

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