What Does Fleet Management as a Service Mean for Your Fleet?

posted 08 July, 2021 by Jackson Balling
No matter the size of your fleet, keeping your vehicles maintained can be challenging when you’re focused on maximizing budget and profit margins. Service, maintenance, and repair costs can easily add up, while traditional solutions require a commitment of employee and vehicle downtime. The result is common: your business loses as much as $760 per day, per vehicle.
What would you do for a fleet maintenance strategy that doesn’t revolve around allocating time for your employees to shuttle vehicles to an off-site mechanic? How different would your day-to-day operations be if a reliable service provider came straight to you?
These questions were the inspiration for our Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS) model, our customer-focused platform to enable fleet managers to simplify maintenance for their company.

Manage Your Fleet Services with Ease

Spiffy's Fleet Management as a Service model makes managing your fleet's vehicles simpler by eliminating the need for downtime with a solution tailored to fit your needs. By offering a one-vendor option for full lifecycle maintenance management, both mobile and fixed site, you can bring the total cost of services together into a single invoice.
This model is focused on five fundamental tenets: mobile, convenience, professional, technology-enabled, and green.


  • Equips Spiffy vans with water, electricity, and tools required to serve your fleet
  • Eliminates the need for fleet managers to provide service resources
  • Creates a familiar routine for every appointment, regardless of location


  • Serves fleets of all sizes, regardless of industry; from rental car fleets and automotive auctions to companies with 50-100+ vehicles and car-sharing services
  • Offers a custom-built web software to schedule, track, rate, and pay for services
  • Manages branches, areas, or regions with pre-delivery inspections, reconditioning (wash/detail), preventative maintenance (oil change, tire rotation), and de-fleeting (de-fueling, label removal), as well as a comprehensive set of additional services.


  • Trained, W-2 technicians with 100+ hours of training and an intense focus on specialized equipment and products
  • Fixed schedules and hours set by supervisors with consistent quality in mind
  • Insured and bonded services to cover any accidents that could occur during a service


  • Real-time tracking and appointment scheduling in custom-built, zero-cost software
  • Immediate, digital billing with virtual records of every appointment for united data usage
  • Technician-specific smartphone app for pre-service inspection checklists, live service updates, and upgrade recommendations 


  • Protective mats to trap and reclaim used water
  • Proprietary technology to return reclaimed water and oil to the van for recycling
  • Over 10 million gallons of water to saved to date

Unified Fleet Maintenance for Every Vehicle

Beyond the five tenets that guide our Fleet Management as a Service program is a process to support your fleet vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle. We break it down into three core pieces: in-fleeting, preventative maintenance, and de-fleeting.


Whenever you’re looking to bring a new vehicle into your growing fleet, it’s essential to ensure that it’s up to your standards and that of your customers. Every car has a process for proper in-fleeting, making it crucial to have a tailored solution to fit your needs as a Branch Manager, Area Manager, or Regional Fleet Manager.
When you rely on Spiffy and our Fleet Management as a Service model, you can expect a three-step program for in-fleeting, customized to the specific needs of your company.

Preventative Maintenance

Regardless of your fleet size, finding time to service each vehicle is one of the more troublesome tasks as a fleet manager. The planning efforts and downtime required to shuttle your fleet to and from a car wash can really set your business back.
By addressing dirt and debris, the quality of your fleet can speak for itself. It’s easier for customers to be more confident and comfortable in a clean vehicle, which can help to increase the demand for specific models. More importantly, removing any substances on the exterior of your fleet vehicles can extend the quality of their paint and keep them on the roads for longer.
Not only does ignoring the cleanliness of your vehicles contribute to the loss of their clear coats, but those routine trips to a traditional express car wash do too. The revolving washers and brushes are often already dirty and too aggressive for the clear coat of paint, and there is no guarantee that they use clean microfiber drying towels.
With preventative Spiffy upgrades, such as our Headlight Restoration or Decontaminator services, your fleet can stand out from the competition.


As a fleet manager, you have to retire models in your inventory sooner or later. When you’re ready to prepare one of your fleet vehicles for auction or resale, it’s essential to keep a checklist in mind for the de-fleeting process.
Whether the car needs reconditioning, de-fueling, adhesive removal, or listing for auction, our Fleet Management as a Service platform will equip you with your own multi-step de-fleeting protocol.

Simplify Fleet Management for Your Company with Spiffy

Choosing a preventative maintenance solution that works to maximize your bottom line is critical. With Fleet Management as a Service, Spiffy is revolutionizing how fleet managers at every level strategize and address the service needs of their vehicles.
By settling on a model that prioritizes your needs as a manager, you can focus on maximizing the time and dollar utilization of your fleet, regardless of how many vehicles are in your inventory or how old they are.
If you're interested in learning more about our approach to simplifying fleet management, feel free to reach out to our Fleet Account Management team and schedule a fleet cleaning demo today.

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