Optimizing Your EV Fleet Maintenance

posted 28 October, 2022 by Justin Mitchiner
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Fleet management software is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the growing demand for electric vehicles and other emerging technologies. Spiffy's Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS) is no exception, as this groundbreaking approach provides fleet managers with a comprehensive maintenance solution powered by the latest technology, all developed in-house. With its mobile service delivery supported by customized fleet portals, a technician app, and powerful analytics tools, FMaaS enables fleet managers to focus on the metrics that drive their businesses forward with greater efficiency and ease.
For companies who have already transitioned their fleet to EV or are looking to make the transition soon, fleet management solutions that can integrate automatically with software that manages their vehicles are more important than ever. With increased investment in EVs by brands and states beginning to allocate infrastructure for daily travel choices, there's never been more incentive!
“America led the original automotive revolution in the last century, and today … we’re poised to lead in the 21st century with electric vehicles.” - Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg 


Complete EV Fleet Maintenance

Fleet management solutions must keep up with the latest technologies to meet the unique challenges of fleets as the world moves to electrification and automation. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, which require frequent maintenance and service to keep running smoothly, EV vehicles have much less downtime. However, though maintenance requirements may be lower, they definitely still exist.
Some of the key features of FMaaS for EV fleets include battery and tire services, fleet wash, disinfection, camera cleaning, and alignment. With these tools and services in place, fleet operators can rest assured that their EVs are always running at peak performance. Whether addressing minor issues that arise over time or avoiding them with an optimized preventative maintenance schedule, FMaaS gives EV fleets the support they need to prevent grounded vehicles and keep delivering high-quality performance. Ultimately, this means increased utilization and ROI for fleet owners across all industries. 
Spiffy EV Fleet Solutions
The FMaaS model allows Spiffy to personalize our solutions to meet the exact needs of each fleet customer. We deeply understand their business goals and challenges by engaging closely with fleet and equipment managers, positioning ourselves as partners and consultants, working together to identify ways to optimize fleet operations and improve performance. 
Whether you are an EV fleet operator or not, FMaaS can help you stay ahead of the curve by offering cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. With Spiffy at your side, you can be confident that your fleet is in good hands.

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Posted in Car Care, Services, Fleet

Written by Justin Mitchiner

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