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posted 05 May, 2021 by Jackson Balling
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Has a holiday or loved one’s birthday come around, only for you to wonder, “What’s the right gift to give?” Personally, it’s an issue that’s become more challenging as I get older and try to appeal to what I think my friends and family want or need. 
Whether you’re on the hunt for the right gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or some other occasion this year, there are plenty of reasons why a Spiffy Gift Card can help address some of the stresses and messes of car care.

What You Get with a Spiffy Gift Card

Whether or not your gift recipient is a huge car lover, they can get a lot out of their Spiffy gift card. Our services are more convenient than the average car wash because our professionally-trained technicians are equipped with all the equipment and resources needed to work anywhere. Rather than having to go wait in long lines at a traditional car wash or an oil change shop, they can relax at home or focus on work while their car is left in trusted hands.
An added bonus of Spiffy is that anyone focused on minimizing their carbon footprint can feel good about using our services. That’s because eco-conscious practices lie at the heart of our company; we reclaim water and oil from every service to recycle back at our facilities - saving over 11 million gallons of water to date and over 50,000 gallons of oil each month!
But what else can your recipient get with a Spiffy Gift Card, beyond the dedication to convenient and eco-friendly services?
  • Satisfying clean from a car wash and/or detail
  • Mindful maintenance with an eco-friendly oil change
  • Advanced protection from one of our many upgrades, like Rain Repellent

Make Their Car Feel New Again

At Spiffy, car wash and detailing is our bread and butter. We got our start with these services, and they have remained the most popular options for the average customer. As opposed to a traditional automatic car wash, our technicians gently wash and dry the exterior by hand with soft mits and microfiber towels, respectively. This attention to care helps to preserve a car’s paint, which can get scratched during an automatic wash.
Of course, the inside is just as important as the outside. Our interior details target every nook and cranny, removing dust and crumbs, cleaning windows, and addressing any messes, such as stained and/or pet hair-covered seats or even spilled paint. Higher-end services include leather conditioning, which can make old leather seats pop like new and help your car last longer.

Provide the Easiest Oil Change Possible

Oil changes have always been inconvenient to handle, which is pretty counterintuitive to the importance of routine maintenance. Taking care of your car should not feel worse than a standard chore, but instead, it’s an errand that’s easy to put off until absolutely necessary.
Fortunately, our oil change process is as easy as any other service we offer. We specifically use Pennzoil® with PurePlus™ technology, a full synthetic oil that lasts up to 7,500 miles. Each oil change includes a new filter and multi-point inspection. As if it couldn’t get any better, these convenient services are even competitively priced against the traditional options, starting at $79!

Help Them Level Up with Advanced Services

You may have someone in your family or immediate friend group who is a self-proclaimed gear-head. For them, a Spiffy Gift Card may be an excellent gateway to try a more niche service. Don’t worry, we have plenty to choose from.
They may choose a paint restoration service to address some UV oxidation or prevent rusting. Some may consider the crown jewel of our service menu: a Diamond Plate ceramic coating, complete with a thorough exterior restoration. This service starts at a steeper cost of $599, but breaks down to 82 cents per day for two years of guaranteed protection!
Are you looking to give the gift of a Spiffy service to your loved ones? Send them a gift card to save them the trouble of making their car look brand new again! You can even get a $20 credit by sending them a referral code for their first service - it’s a win-win! 
Give the gift of Spiffy this holiday season

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Written by Jackson Balling

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