Navigating Growth and Innovation: Reflecting on Spiffy's 2023 Journey

posted 18 January, 2024 by Kelli Garriott
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In the spirit of a growth mindset, we would like to take a moment and reflect on our evolution over the past year. We faced a few bumps in the road like many venture-backed start-ups, and those challenges helped us realign our path to success. Let’s check out how the year unfolded.

Company Milestones

Spiffy had three huge milestones in 2023. We raised $30 million in our Series C financing round to help drive growth across the business and fuel the development of our Digital Servicing solution for automotive dealers. The financing round propelled our growth and in October, we hit a new single sales day record of 265k! Also, we opened three new franchise locations including Fresno, Fayetteville, and San Antonio.

October was a milestone month for Spiffy, marking a record-breaking 265K in single-day sales!

New Products and Services

At Spiffy, our goal is to disrupt the automotive industry with continuous innovation of our services and products. In Q1, we launched our new and improved Smart Tumbler™ odor elimination device with treatments as low as $3. Our customers provided us with great feedback after our launch of the product in 2022, which allowed us to improve the product and the price. The new device lasts up to 3x longer and our customers now have the choice between Light and Heavy-Duty treatment levels.

In Q2, we rolled out our mobile tire services. At Spiffy, we prioritize convenience and top-notch service. Customers can use our mobile app to order the perfect tires for their vehicle, have them delivered, and get them professionally installed — all from the convenience of their home.

Additionally, in Q4 we announced our newest automotive device, Easy Tread™. A real-time visual diagnostic tool that captures over 500,000 data points, creating a comprehensive visual report that customers can trust and understand. The report will indicate if there is an immediate need for new tires, or help customers anticipate future needs and stay up-to-date on the health of their tires.

Spiffy's new automotive device, Easy Tread™, delivers real-time visual reports for precise tire tread diagnosis.

Awards and Media Highlights

Throughout 2023, Spiffy collected a series of awards and highlights, including being named one of the Best Places to Work by the Triangle Business Journal. We also ranked #45 on Newsweek's Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2023. These achievements reflect our team’s dedication, passion, and commitment to a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

For the third consecutive year, we were honored to be named 'Best Car Wash' in Best of Durham 2023. This incredible honor would not be possible without our wonderful customers and supporters who voted for us.

Spiffy celebrates being named one of the Best Places to Work by the Triangle Business Journal!

New Leadership

In 2023 we welcomed our new Chief Financial Officer, Brad Schomber and appointed Nicole Haight as our Chief People Officer. Building a strong leadership team is instrumental to our success, and we are happy to say Brad and Nicole have played a huge role in achieving our goals.

Cheers to a New Year

Each year presents us with new opportunities for growth, and 2023 was no different. We are grateful for your continued support over the years. On behalf of the entire Spiffy family, we wish you all the best this year. Connect with us on social media to stay informed about Spiffy's latest news and updates in 2024!

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Written by Kelli Garriott

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