Why A High-Level Detail Is Superior Car Care

posted 21 December, 2022 by Justin Mitchiner
Car Care

It’s no secret that properly caring for your vehicle is essential to its longevity and optimum performance. But with so many detailing options, it can be difficult to know the best choice for your vehicle. Spiffy’s Awesome & Totally Awesome details are the top-tier detailing packages that offer superior protection for your vehicle. Let’s explore why this type of detail is the best option for anyone looking to give their car the ultimate makeover and why it’s well worth the investment.  


Surface Level

Driving a vehicle over time takes a toll on the exterior. The wear and tear of everyday life, weathering, and minor collisions can eventually cause the paint to show signs of deterioration. Keeping your vehicle clean with basic car washes is excellent for regular exterior maintenance but doesn't eliminate scratches, blemishes, or other types of damage on the exterior paint. To truly keep your vehicle looking its best, employing specialized techniques to remove acids, chemical compounds, dirt, and debris that simple soap and water won't reach is essential.
Protecting your vehicle from the elements, dust, and dirt is critical to maintaining its value and performance over time. It's also important to note that during winter months (especially in the more northern US cities), when ice melts are more prevalent on the road, your vehicle is more susceptible to corrosive agents that bond to your vehicle's clear coat and cause rust and paint damage over time when left unattended.
Suppose it's been a while since you've had a complete high-pressure clean of your vehicle's undercarriage to remove road grime, salt, and other alien material from under your car. In that case, we recommend Spiffy's Undercarriage Turbo Clean upgrade. We know you're busy, and taking care of your car may not be at the top of your list, but this travel season presents an excellent opportunity for car owners to care for their car's exterior by investing in a high-level detail.


Totally Awesome

A Spiffy car detail can give you peace of mind that your vehicle is receiving the care it needs to protect your investment. Contrary to a popular misconception, waxing does not clean your car. It's essential to eliminate organic chemicals and synthetic compounds to prevent sandwiching those particulates onto the vehicle and insulating them from potentially either decomposing away or otherwise oxidizing away.
So why make the extra investment in a Spiffy Awesome or Totally Awesome detail? Opting for a high-level vehicle detail goes beyond the benefit of visual restoration, the peace of mind that your car is receiving the care it needs to protect your investment is invaluable. So why the extra cost? The more time and labor intensive restoration process involves treating the entire coat of paint to draw out contaminants lodged in the clear coat's deeper layers.
The clay bar treatment is the first step after a Spiffy technician has hand washed your car. This compounding process draws out the full richness of your car's color and smoothly removes contaminants like water spots, brake dust, metal dust, industrial pollution, and road grit from the clear coat. This treatment ensures that your vehicle looks its absolute best, providing as smooth a surface as possible for subsequent waxing and polishing.
A random orbital buffer allows light scratches in the clear coat to be physically closed to make your car smoother. The grit, in combination with the random orbital, creates heat buildup on the vehicle's clear coat, which softens the jagged edges of the slight scratches in the clear coat. They soften, and we can fold them back down and not just make them look like they're gone, but actually remove them. It completely eliminates acids and damaging chemicals to deepen your exterior paint cleaning and bring out an incredibly smooth and soft feel to the touch.
The buffer process is excellent for removing swirls and light scratches. However, the clay bar is really the star of the restoration process, adding another dimension of cleaning to restore your vehicle to a showroom quality luster.


Treat Yourself

It's true that looking good and feeling good aren't always synonymous when it comes to fashion, so why settle for less when it comes to your car? Looking presentable and keeping your vehicle in shape is every bit as important! Spiffy’s professional mobile detailing experience is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle investment financially and emotionally.
Instead of an entirely new set of wheels this holiday season, make the vehicle you have look like new again with a top-tier car detail from Spiffy! The service costs a little more than basic upkeep, but we promise it's worth the investment. Plus, each Spiffy detail comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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