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Explore the Three Levels of Paint Protection

posted 14 February, 2019 by Jackson Balling
Car Care
No matter if you lease or own your vehicle, maintaining its exterior appearance goes a long way in preserving the future resale value. While we’ve broken down the wide-ranging benefits of car detailing, there’s still a lot to learn from taking a closer look at the different levels of paint protection. After all, you stand to lose a lot more from your investment by ignoring the multiple layers of paint on your car; especially if irreversible damage accrues over time.
The typical protection, if any, that most drivers opt for their cars is wax. Carnauba wax is a durable natural wax option, spread evenly on top of the paint for up to three months effective use. It combats environmental damage and helps keep your vehicle shiny. Because it does not bond with paint, enthusiasts often consider wax the high-gloss cherry on top of a stronger protective layer, such as paint sealant.
Paint sealants have become a more popular choice for clear coat protection, and it makes sense when you understand the effect it can have on your car. As a polymer-based solution, paint sealant can bond with your clear coat to form an additional barrier on top of it. They can help to prevent damage from UV exposure and can act as a shield against scratches, as well as deterioration from the environment. Even if you waxed your car every week, you wouldn’t get close to the impact that paint sealant can have even 6 to 12 months after application. 
The top-tier choice for protecting your paint is also becoming the most desired by detail enthusiasts, and that’s ceramic coating. This level of paint protection is significantly thicker than any wax or sealant that you can use and results in a much more effective and long-lasting option for car owners. Ceramic coating bonds to your clear coat like paint sealant, but offers stronger preservation from chemical etching, oxidation, and UV exposure. While this is the most expensive option for paint protection, products like Simoniz Diamond Plate®, which we recently introduced at Spiffy, come with a two-year warranty that makes it cost-effective for any driver looking to extend the lifespan and value of their car’s exterior.
No matter which level of paint protection fits best with your needs and budget, you can rest assured in knowing that Spiffy utilizes products that are designed to match what you’re looking for. We’re thrilled to have our technicians professionally trained to use Simoniz products and methods, which produce consistent 5-star results for our customers. By knowing the effects of wax, paint sealant, and ceramic coating, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision towards a better protected and high-gloss exterior for your car.
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Written by Jackson Balling

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